Gag Cartoons

My gag cartoons cover a wide range of subjects including: Business, Office Life, Relationships, Education, Books and Ageing. On reflection there does seem to be a disproportionate number dealing with underhand or plain nasty bosses – just working out my pent-up feelings of resentment I guess!

All of my gag cartoons are hand-drawn in pen and ink and sometimes coloured using Adobe Illustrator.

For more of my humorous illustration work please take a look at my FRY’S FAMILY and STILL LIVES galleries.

My Gag Cartoons, Still Lives and Fry’s Family are all currently available online for use under license from Cartoon Stock.

If you’re a publisher, or even a writer with some ideas of your own, and would like to discuss my humorous illustration work please let me know what you have in mind using the form on my Contact Page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.