Abstract Artwork

With my abstract art in particular I have explored many approaches throughout my career and as well as individual ‘stand alone’ pieces I now tend to work in ‘series’ – taking an idea and expanding on it through a number of artworks. These are ongoing and I work on them concurrently depending on my interests at any one time. Although I draw on many sources I find most of my inspiration in the natural world – distilling things down to pure line, shape and colour.

As well as the time-honored media of painting and drawing I have also,more recently, been exploring the possibilities that computers have to offer.

Please also see both my MACRO MICRO and DIGITAL ART galleries as well.

Although I have rarely exhibited I do have artwork in private collections around the world.

Some of my paintings are currently for sale online at:


Or you can contact me in person using the contact form to discuss purchases, commissions or possible exhibitions.