About me


Hello, I’m M.J.Fry, a creative working in a variety of visual disciplines covering many aspects of art, Illustration and design. These include: abstract and figurative art; fantasy, humorous, children’s and decorative illustration; hand lettering and digital typography; graphic design; t-shirt design; furniture and lighting; as well as pattern design.

Over the years I’ve created a broad spectrum of work and I am influenced by many things. Often these seemingly disparate areas of interest overlap and elements of one bleed into another which means it is not always easy to categorize particular pieces. Depending on what best suits the work in hand I can employ either traditional media or utilize my digital skills – in some cases combining the two.

Time honoured techniques I can utilize include: graphite and coloured pencil; pen and ink; acrylic and watercolour painting. While my digital know-how extends to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop – and once upon a time: Quark Xpress.

Please take a look at my portfolio where you’ll find a wide variety of work to peruse at your leisure.



Positive feedback is like a three-course meal to us starving artists so feel free to leave comments. And if you have any queries regarding any aspect of my work, or have a possible commission or project that you would like to discuss, please send me the details and your information using the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible – thank you.